Creative conclusions


Last week, a major conference on technologies and creative industries — Create IT rocked at a gentrified factory on the Kastrychnickaya street. During sunny Friday cultural managers and IT-specialists were looking for answers to the question “How the Internet and new media, big data and machine learning, virtual and augmented reality shape the culture and creative industries of the future?” We burst to catch everything: get ideas at inspiration talks, listen to practical cases from international experts, learn how to create music and glitch design experiments on the workshops and moreover to find time to chill on the grass with a cup of coffee. Here is our report inspired by the Conference.




  #CreativeIndustries: what are they today and what will they be tomorrow  



Andrew Erskine , Senior Associate of Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy

 “Creative industries is an activity based on individual creativity, skills and talent”.

“The main trends: digitization, increased fragmentation, acceleration of convergence”.

“The basis of the creative economy is not countries, but cities”.








  True Stories of Creative Startups: how to use #cultureandcreativity in #IT-startups  



Andrew Yanchurevich, CTO and Creative Director of  MSQRD

“As Steve Jobs said, creativity is just a link between some things”.

“Creativity must be limited”.

“Creativity is to look beyond”.

“Don’t let the future leave you behind”.






  Discussion with local stakeholders: How to connect the Belarusian IT-miracle with Belarusian creative industries?  



Sergey Sergienko, visionary, Agile Coach, Epam Systems

“IT is also part of the culture”.

“There is no IT-education market, because there is no competition”.
Alexander Vasilevich, partner Vondel / Hepta, co-owner of the gallery “B”

“Culture is a social glue: it can unite or, on the contrary, keep apart. IT is just a technology platform”.

“We need to remember about the visual culture: the world has too many codes, they must be read and understood”.

“In order to rise above the marsh, one has to properly work his or her ass off. And those who are capable of it move abroad”.

“A breakthrough happens, if people roll out of their comfort zone”.

“We need to raise the level of visual culture, travel and to be powered by the art”.







  Digital Orchestra Workshop by Vova Potapenko. Music as a form of art: self-made, tech-powered  



Vova Potapenko, founder of Ableton School

“The program Ableton Live allows you to record music tracks from scratch, even if you do not have a single live instrument (or you are not able to play them)”.

“First of all, music is the feeling, then action and procedure”.

“When you're playing house music, there is a whole to mix it”.

“Using vinyl records is trending now. Of course, I love to take pictures on film, but the ideas are born when you working on a computer”.

“If you start making music, you must imagine a space”.

“The image — an invisible silence, where the sound is born”.

“If there is no image there is no creativity”.

“Listen to the classics. This is the best for capturing images. For me, Mozart is rather pop-music. My favorite composer is Grig”.







Photo by poliakowa